Challenging Classroom Behaviour

Many times teachers have been heard saying that so and so is very difficult to manage in the classroom. It can be very challenging to manage behavior of some children in the classroom. In the class room environment there can be many issues such as language (ESL). A child might not understand a given work or may have underlying issues. However Is it always the children/child or should teachers evaluate themselves too ?. Do parents also play an important role in this?. So many questions come into mind when thinking of why the child is so difficult to manage and how to go about it. I have found an interesting YouTube video and an article on this issue.

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3 Responses to Challenging Classroom Behaviour

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  2. lisamlove says:

    The presenter in the youtube clip reminded me a bit of supernanny! Some useful tips and a reminder that things can get better, but usually get worse for a little while when you do start to deal with behavioural problems. Make sure you have a good support network around you during these times, and persevere!

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